Bridging East and West

We help advertisers and mobile publishers worldwide to bridge the gap between East and West and simplify the challenges of cross-regional mobile marketing, driving truly global growth to their business.

The World's Most Comprehensive Monetization Platform for Publishers

Tap into global demand and superior ad experiences with the world's most comprehensive monetization platform for publishers. Ace your native and video monetization with Welkin by striking the perfect balance between user experience and revenue growth.

Power up Your Digital Ad Campaigns with Welkin

cutting-edge Programmatic Advertising Solutions to Enhance Campaign Performance and Deliver Superior Results. The Welkin platform makes programmatic advertising swift and easy, saving both time and resources. We utilized top-notch technology and 9+ years of experience in the ad tech industry to create robust programmatic advertising solution, tailored to the needs of various advertising channels.

Supply-Side Platform ----Integrated Yield Optimization Programmatic Platform

Welkin supply-side platform (SSP) offers unparalleled opportunities for web publishers and app developers that are willing to maximize advertising revenues directly. Our agile SSP provides users with necessary programmatic tools for effective inventory allocation and monetization management. With Welkin SSP, publishers get guaranteed full transparency and complete control over ad inventory at all levels. Sell your ad space to premium buyers at private marketplaces, monetize unsold inventory via RTB auctions and enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic direct.


Welkin.SSP for Android & iOS app developers Monetize your app with the global programmatic demand and the largest pool of direct advertisers in Eastern Europe