Welkin is a global programmatic advertising company offering innovative advertising and monetization solutions for digital advertisers and publishers. Our innovative products help businesses to achieve impressive results across all channels, devices and ad formats. Finding new possibilities within Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, and Big Data Analytics, we are reshaping the future of programmatic advertising, making it surprisingly simple for every client.

Welkin is an independent adtech company that develops an ecosystem of full-stack programmatic solutions. Welkin has its own line of adtech products for brands, ad agencies, media houses, publishers, ad networks, and other buy- and sell-side industry players looking for effective ad management. Based on proprietary products, Welkin creates custom AdTech solutions crafted for specific needs. We combine already existing modules and integrations to build unique products for non-trivial tasks. If you have technical challenges in advertising, Welkin can solve them. Our customizable technology, in-depth expertise, and a personal approach help businesses turn programmatic advertising into a scalable revenue channel.


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Our principles and Values

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Our Values

Our values are more than just a statement on a website. They are inherent in all that we do. Every decision we make is viewed through the lens of our five core values: How will this benefit our customer? Who is responsible at each level? What data supports it? Does this add value? Can we improve transparency? In short, we walk the talk.

Our mission

Our mission is to solve complexity with simplicity. Welkin‘s self-serve Advertising Technology Platform is designed to create a seamless and custom-tailored experience. Plus, our omnichannel mindset means our solutions are screen, OS, revenue model, format, size and device agnostic.

Our strengths

Our strengths are technology and expertiseWe build proprietary ad management solutions, help brands and media to grow their businesses and develop industry standards as IAB Tech Lab member.

Our partner